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STEM and STEAM Lesson Plans

 STEM Education for Kids: STEM Education for Kids: Mayflower Boat Building Challenge
STEAM Education: Respectful Listening Talking Feather Stick Challenge
STEM Education – Free-Standing Scarecrow Building Challenge for Kids!
Fall STEM Challenge for Kids: Building an Acorn Catapult
Fall STEM for Kids: The Legend of Corn Husk Dolls
STEM Education for Kids: Haunted House Engineering Challenge
Fall STEM for Kids: Punkin Chunkin Engineering
STEM Education and Project-Based Learning Lesson Plan: Spiders!
STEM Challenge for Kids: Bucket Pouring System Lesson Plan
STEM Education for Kids: Chain Link Building Challenge
STEM Education for Kids: a MAKE IT MOVE Challenge!
STEM for Kids: Tower Building Challenge
STEAM Education for Kids: Mondrian Construction and Design
STEAM for Kids: Exploring and Constructing Tessellations
STEAM Activity for Kids: Kandinsky’s Concentric Circles
Parts of a Plant Cell Model
STEAM Activity for Kids: Wikki Stix Constellation Designs
SHAPES! A STEM Building Challenge for Kids!
SHAPES! A STEM Building Challenge for Kids!
St. Patricks Day STEAM challenge

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