Grab your Wikki Stix and some items from around the house…and let’s have some crafting fun with the kids!

Soap bottle decorated with Wikki Stix.

Soap Containers

FLower pot decorated with Wikki Stix and Wikki butterfly sitting on the edge.

Flower Pot

Change box for dad, decorated as Father’s Day gift.

Coin Boxes

Rocks and seashells decorated with Wikki Stix as idea for how to use souvenirs from summer vacations.

Rocks and Seashells

Three rocks decorated to look like musicians… a rock band!

Rock Music

Three flower pots, each decorated differently with Wikki Stix.

Garden Fun!

Smiling colorful clown made of Neon colored Wikki Stix on paper plate.

Paper Plate Clown Face

Two cans decorated with Wikki Stix, a cat and pencil holder.

Decorate Cans

Rocks decorated with Wikki Stix, a boy with ball cap, a girl, a boy with glasses and a butterfly.

Decorate Rocks

Girl holding mirror, back of which is decorated to look like a fun Wikki Stix cat.


Basic white small canister decorated with Wikki Stix.


Small white box with child’s name made of Wikki Stix, and smiling sun.

Personal Box

Lunch bag decorated to look like lion.

Vacation Bible School
The Lion and Lamb! Fun to make and give!

Wooden box, painted green and decorated with Wikki flowers around the bottom and Wikki butterfly on top.

Jewelry Box