The Really Cool Tool for Teaching School!

Teachers, Homeschoolers, Mom, Grandmas and anyone helping children learn. Wikki Stix are a proven tool for tactile, hands-on learning. Make STEM activities fun and engaging!

From Pre-K through Middle School, Wikki Stix are an easy medium to use. They stick with just fingertip pressure to any smooth surface, including the pages of a book, paper, posterboard…and more! AND, they are mistake-proof! Just peel them up and reposition them…and “mistakes” virtually disappear.

No glue… No paste… No Mess! And no preparation or clean-up.

Easy to use, Wikki Stix are fun and colorful, as well as soft and pliable, making them an excellent product for Preschool. Great for learning letter and number formation, and ideal for fine motor skills. And a great way to introduce STEM activities at an early age.

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Video contains no dialogue or narration. Music only. The video uses images to demonstrate the use of Wikki Stix as an educational tool from Early education activities to Middle School.

Projects shown for Early Education include a Big Book with numeral made of Wikki Stix, boy holding alphabet card with letter made of Wikki Stix, 3 basic shapes created as faces of animals, and a simple mobile of paper fish decorated with Wikki Stix.

For Middle School projects, images include a map of the United States which explains how each geographical section came into the union; another map showing the routes of explorers from Magellan to Marco Polo and Columbus. There is a display demonstrating fractions, another showing a flower cross section, one illustrating constellations, and one with the humandigestive system. For middle school literature, there is a story web, and a short paragraph with different types of punctuation marks circled with Wikki Stix.

The final image is a scene of dinosaurs in the Jurassic Period, all made out of Wikki Stix.

It concludes by emphasizing that Wikki Stix are a great tool to use for school.