Halloween Crafts

Black Wikki Stix make a pumpkin face on an orange gift bag. Black bag has skeleton made of white Wikki Stix, and small bag has Halloween cat made of Wikki Stix.

Decorate Halloween Bags!

Three different types of containers decorated with Wikki Stix to become wild and colorful Halloween faces!

Decorate Recycled Drink Containers

Halloween Witch scene.

Halloween Witch

Tuna Cat Can!

Tuna Cat Can!

Can decorated with Wikki Stix to look like a cat!

Halloween Coffee Can Cat!

Paper Plate Faces decorated for Halloween, one like a clown and the other like a pirate.

Paper Plate Faces!

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas!

Halloween Cat Pumpkin
Wikki Stix Halloween Pumpkin
One Eyed Halloween Pumpkin
Sprite Pumpkin
Halloween Girl Pumpkin