Wikki Stix provide tactile, hands-on involved learning… for virtually any subject. Mistake-proof, which helps build self-esteem, Wikki Stix are easy to use for preschoolers learning letter and number formation….. and ideal for Middle School science projects.

If you have not used Wikki Stix before, here is the skinny! They are made of non-toxic wax infused in a strand of yarn. They are soft, pliable, colorful and fun to use… AND… endlessly reusable!

Their trick is that they stick… to paper, books, posterboard and almost all smooth surfaces. And they peel right up to make changes and corrections. It is that touch of wax that provides their “stickability” which is what kids find fun and engaging.

We have detailed ideas and lesson plans for a variety of subjects, and levels. We encourage you to take a look at what we offer, as we feel you will find something to help you through the next homeschooling hurdle! It’s not easy…we know!

How to Home School best Home School Curriculum & Products Award.

As the old saying goes:

Tell me, I forget.   Show me, I remember.   Involve me… I understand!

Wikki Stix definitely provide involved learning…
and help make the tough stuff fun.

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