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What are they??? How do the work???

Made of food-grade, non-toxic wax and hand-knitting yarn, Wikki Stix are soft, pliable and easy to use for even little fingers! They stick together for fun 3-D creations, and will adhere to the activity sheet for making letters, numbers and completing the connect-the-dot picture.

And.. you can easily peel them up and use them again and again! Kids can make friendship bracelets, rings and eyeglasses…. Wikki wear is a popular activity! Unlike crayons, where only flat designs are possible… with Wikki Stix, kids can twist, bend, stick, create and have fun!

Are they safe?

Wikki Stix comply with all U.S. government regulations including CPSIA and CA Prop 65. They are wholly Made in the USA and have been for over 29 years. And… for children with allergies, Wikki Stix are particularly good, as they do not contain gluten, latex, nor any peanut or other nut oils or byproducts.

Unit Description

The packet itself is a small poly bag with eight Wikki Stix in assorted colors and a two-sided activity sheet. The front has ideas and illustrations, plus a QR code for added fun. The back side has a connect-the-dot to be completed by pressing the Wikki Stix onto the paper. The unit is completely self-contained and easy to hand out. Officially known as Mini Play Paks, they are Item # 222 on our website (or click below).

What is the Price?

The minimum quantity is 500 units and they are $.23 per unit. This price applies through 1,999 units. At a quantity of 2,000 units the price drops to $.20 each. You can order a general assortment of playsheet designs, or select a theme, a list of which will appear where you order. (What is a PLAYSHEET? It is our own Wikkiland name for the activity sheet.)

What is the Casepack?

Casepacks are 500 of 1,000 units. A case of 500 units weighs eleven lbs. and is slightly larger than a shoe box. A case of 1,000 units weighs 22 lbs. and the dimensions are 18x16x6”. Orders ship from our manufacturing plant in Phoenix, AZ and transit time varies, from 3-6 days via FedEx Ground. Expedited shipping is available. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

New customer?

We totally understand the challenge you have with restless (sometimes destructive) kids. To keep those kids quietly and happily entertained, you won’t find anything with more play value than Wikki Stix! And because they are so much cleaner than crayons, your Operations people will love them.

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