Wikki Stix can be used right on the pages of a book, or poetry card, or poster paper and leave no mark when removed. They are an ideal teaching tool highlighting parts of speech, punctuation marks, digraphs, rhyming words and more. Use one color for each concept. It’s exciting to bring a story to life by creating a diorama or story web. Hands on learning with Wikki Stix help reinforce the message of the story. For teachers and educators, we recommend trying our Bulk Class Pak Original. Wikki Stix Educational Toys are Perfect for Homeschoolers, Teachers, Grandparents, & Moms!

When reading scientific text books or stories about science or animals, you can use Wikki Stix to add an artistic touch and bring them to life! That’s the ‘A’ in STEAM!

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A poem with Wikki Stix shown underlining rhyming words, and parts of speech.

A fun way to depict the who, what, where, when and why of a story by laying a handout, and using Wikki Stix to illustrate each of the five concepts...one at the end of each finger.

The poem Hey Diddle Diddle, on which Wikki Stix are used to circle every digraph, which is when two letters combine to form one sound.

A quote from the book, Charlotte’s Web, using Wikki Stix of different colors to circle specific punctuation marks...blue for quotation marks, red for commas, yellow for an apostrophe and green for a period.

Wikki Stix shown identifying parts of speech in a poem.

How to make a Story Web, using Wikki Stix to help kids identify the Setting, the Main Characters, the title and author, the Problem and the Solution.