Mother’s Day Banners

Mother’s Day banner made on paper, using Wikki Stix.

Closeup of words and Wikki flowers on Mother’s Day banner.

Another version of a Mother’s Day banner, hanging on colorful flowering spring bush.

Mother’s Day banner on wall beside gifts and balloons.

Greeting Cards!

Teddy Bear Mother's Day Card.

I love Mom Mother's Day Card.

3 Hearts Mother's Day Card.

Rose Mother's Day Card.

More Ideas!

A beautiful bouquet of Flowers created with Wikki Stix in a decorated container with Wikki Stix hearts.

Mother’s Day Bouquet!
Make colorful, and unique Wikki flowers for Mom, for Mother’s Day! Mom will love that these flowers will never wilt and never need water. Add some Wikki hearts to the vase, and you have created a special Mother’s Day gift!