Four Christmas Tree cards created with Wikki Stix by 2nd grade students.

Christmas Tree card ideas created by 2nd grade students!

Simple birdhouse decorated with Wikki Stix to look like a Gingerbread house.

Gingerbread house created from a simple
craft store birdhouse and Wikki Stix!

Easy Gingerbread People...using paper cutouts decorated with Wikki Stix!

Easy Gingerbread People using paper
cutouts decorated with Wikki Stix!

Mini Holiday Wreaths created with Wikki Stix.
Wikki Stix mini wreaths are fun to make and hang on the tree! Bend, twist, braid or loop, then coil up red berries and smoosh them into place!

Various Holiday Banks made with household items and Wikki Stix.

Fun Holiday Banks!

Assorted, brightly colored gift bags, decorated with Wikki Stix! Fun to to give!

Decorate Holiday Bags!

Paper cutouts decorated with Wikki Stix in the shape of ornaments and mittens.

Fun Holiday Cutouts