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Wikki Wacky Animal Fun includes animals made from things readily available around the house, including: paper plates – paper lunch sacks – cupcake liners – cardboard core from paper towel or toilet paper rolls – cans (like soup cans, or tuna cans… cleaned, dried and label removed), construction paper, ping pong balls… and other things you can think of! You may also want spray paint, finger paint or washable acrylic paint.

New to Wikki Stix?

Here is some basic info! Wikki Stix adhere to almost all smooth surfaces with just fingertip pressure…no paste, no glue, no mess! And they can be easily peeled up and re-positioned if you want to make changes. (Be careful peeling them off a painted surface, as some of the paint may peel off with them!) They are easy to use making flat designs and creations, but they also stick to each other for 3-D creativity. And… they cut easily with scissors!

Paper Plate Animals!

You’ll need to paint the paper plates and let them dry overnight, so the Wikkies will stick on to them!

Paper Plate Dog
Cat Paper Plate Craft
Bambi Paper Bag Craft
Owl Paper Bag Craft

Canny Creations

Paint the clean, dry can and allow to dry thoroughly. Place can with closed end up, as
you need solid top part to attach ears. Create cat, dog, or other animals of your choice!

Black Cat Can
Piggy Can Craft
Small Black Cat Can
Mouse Can Craft

Three Variations of Caterpillars!

And here’s another idea…three ways to make the same kind of animal! There’s a simple, colorful flat caterpillar made of
coiled Wikki Stix. And then another caterpillar made of Wikkies wrapped around ping pong balls! And the third is made
from toilet paper cores… all painted differently and stuck together with Wikki Stix!

Using Coiled Wikkies

Using Coiled Wikkies!

Using Ping Pong Balls

Using Ping Pong Balls!

Using Toilet Paper Cores

Using Toilet Paper Cores!

Animals Made from Basic Shapes!

If you’d like something a little easier to do, like a flat design on paper…
here are three fun ideas, using simple basic shapes you can create with Wikki Stix.

Oval = Horse

Oval = Horse

Triangle = Mouse

Triangle = Mouse

Circle = Bear

Circle = Bear

Paper Bag Animals!

Using plain brown or white lunch sacks, add a coat of paint and allow to dry overnight. Lay flat to create animal face…
pressing Wikkies firmly onto bag. When completed, stand bag upright, and add some crumpled paper to fill out face!

Mouse Paper Bag Craft
Lion Paper Bag Craft
Bambi Paper Bag Craft
Owl Paper Bag Craft

Paper Core Creations!

Paper towel and toilet paper cores are perfect for making fun animals!
Paint the day before to allow plenty of time to dry before adding the Wikki Stix.

Monkey Paper Core Craft


Flower Vase and Bee Crafts

Flower Vase and Bee

Dinosaur Craft


Caterpillar Craft


Cupcake Liner Sea Creatures!

These are fun and easy to make…a bright red crab…
a funny flat turtle…an octopus…a smiling jelly fish, and a fun fish!

Crab Cupcake Liner
Octopus Cupcake liner
Turtle Cupcake Liner Craft
Jellyfish Cupcake liner
Fish Cupcake liner

Crazy Colorful Animal Creations!

Since you are creating these wonderful Wikki animals…you can make them any color
you want. How about this wildly colorful lion? Or a cute little kitty named Blue?!

Colorful Paper Plate Lion!

Colorful Paper Plate Lion!

Blue Tuna Can Cat!

Blue Tuna Can Cat!

Fictional Animals!

Here’s a great idea… make up your own animal! How about a big fish
with big feet !? Or a…whatchamacallit? Plus a pink hippo and green elephant!

Fictional Fish
Fictional Bird
Pink Hippo
Green Elephant

We would love to see your creations!

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