Video contains no dialogue or narration. Music only. Shows Wikki Stix restaurant unit and what kids can make with it. Intended to help restaurants understand how much fun Wikki Stix are as a tabletop toy.

Valentine Fun for all ages with Wikki Stix!

Fun to give, fun to get, fun to make!
Wikki Stix Valentine Fun Paks are tons more fun than cards!

Valentine Fun Paks product display.

Valentine’s Crafts and Activities

Heart-shapped Wikki Stix glasses!

Adorable girl with heart-shaped Wikki Stix glasses!

Make heart-shaped Wikki Glasses!

Wikki Stix hearts on candy jar for Valentine’s Day, beside Wikki Valentine card.

Decorate cards and jars!

Dish of candy, decorated with Wikki Stix to look like basket.

Candy Basket idea!

Valentine Boxes!

With Wikki Stix you can make a fun and unique Valentine Box! Start with a shoebox, a tissue box, or a simple box from a craft store and cover with white paper if needed…then let your imagination run free! It doesn’t have to be full of red and pink hearts and flowers!

Valentine box decorated to look like frog face, and Valentines go into frog’s mouth.
Here’s a fun frog-faced box. Carefully cut a slit in the top to insert the Valentines…in this case, in Froggy’s mouth!

Wikki dinosaur Valentine box, shown with Wikki Valentine Favor being inserted.
This Allosaurus is about to drop his Valentine in the box! And, after Valentine’s Day, a box guarded by a dinosaur is a perfect place to store little treasures!

Valentine box with Wikki version of Elsa on front.
Frozen inspired Valentine Box!

 Valentine box with Wikki person running to put Valentine into mailbox.
Mailing a Valentine today…. hope it’s headed your way! P.S. You can just lift the lid of this box, to place your Valentine’s inside.