Personalize Wikki Stix Valentine Fun Favors…and hang them on a tree for your family and friends!

See instructions below

Wikki Stix Valentine's Day Tree

Steps to make
the Valentine Tree

Use a few twigs and small tree pieces…. and put them in a vase (add a few small rocks at the bottom to weight down the vase to keep it from tipping over).

Make simple header cards out of construction paper, markers, glitter, paint, etc…and punch a hole through front and back. (see directions) Then staple them on to the Fun Favor. Thread ribbon through…and tie them on the tree! You can add a festive bow to the vase to finish off your Valentine Tree!

Don’t forget the Valentine Fun Favors, available here!

Valentine's Day Header Cards

Header Cards for Fun Favors

Using construction paper or poster board, cut each header card to be
5″ long and 3 ½” wide. Then fold in half, making it 3 ½” across and 2 ½” deep.

Punch hole in center near fold, to go through both sides. Now decorate the front side!

When you have finished your design, staple onto Fun Favor and hang on the tree with string or ribbon.

Valentine Header Card Instructions