Classic Wikki Fun!

Example of Classic Fun with Wikki Stix in a collage showing various activities.

Let’s start with Wikki action figures!

Wikki people are easy to make…and watch them become action figures here!

Video below contains no dialogue or narration. Music only.
Depicts 3-D Wikki people as a cowboy, surfer, skier and ballerina.
Intended to show kids how much fun it is to make Wikki people.

Here are the four basic steps for making Wikki people, using six-inch Wikkies:

Two Wikkies twisted together.

Twist two Wikki Stix
together and fold in half.

Two Wikkies twisted to form legs for a Wikki person.

Twist at fold. Bend
ends to make feet.

One Wikki with single twist to form head and arms.

Bend another Wikki into a loop
to make the head and arms.

Head and arms stuck on leg portion

Press parts tightly

So…what kind of Wikki figure do you want to make?

A Cowboy!

Wikki Stix cowboy with hat and lariat.

A Ballerina!

Wikki Stix ballerina.

A Skier!

Wikki Stix Skier.

A Surfer!

Wikki man on Wikki surfboard.

How about a whole Soccer Team?

A Soccer Player!

Wikki Stix Soccer Player.
Ten Wikki soccer players in Wikki uniforms.
 Outline for basic soccer field.

Soccer Field!

Here is how a basic soccer field looks. You can draw one on regular paper for your soccer team. It is best to make it the size of two sheets of paper, to accommodate all of your players!

Wearable Wikki Fun!

Let’s start with Wikki Wacky Glasses! You’ll want to use eight-inch Wikki Stix to make these.
Just follow the easy instructions…put them on…and take a selfie!

 Closeup of colorful Wikki Stix eyeglasses.

Make Wikki Glasses!

Twist 2 Wikkies together and bend into
a circle by pressing the 2 ends together.
Repeat with 2 more Wikkies.

Fold another Wikki in half and loop between
the circle frames to connect them. Press tightly.

Attach 2 more Wikkies as shown to make the
bows that go around your ears. Try them on!

4-year-old boy in Wikki glasses and chain around his neck.
9-year-old boy in Wikki glasses.
Girl with Wikki Stix glasses holding spoon creation.
Girl in Wikki glasses and necklace.

To add to your Wikki look…you can make rings, friendship bracelets…and maybe a necklace!

Closeup of Wikki Stix Bracelet.

Make a Wikki Bracelet!

Twist 2 Wikki Stix together, leaving one
end open and untwisted.
Repeat with 2 more Wikkies.

Attach both halves of the bracelet
together by pressing the twisted ends
tightly to each other.

Wrap bracelet around your wrist. Adjust to
size needed and connect lose ends firmly.

Wikki bracelets are also fun to give to a friend!