Colorful paper cutouts of egg shapes, decorated for Easter with Wikki Stix.

Cat food can be painted white and decorated to look like a bunny with big ears!

Two cardboard tubes with faces made of Wikki Stix and big paper ears.

Basket with ribbon and small plastic egg inside with Wikki Stix face.

Assorted plastic eggs, decorated with Wikki Stix for Easter!

  Additional Wikki Stix Easter Eggs!

Plastic egg decorated with Wikki Stix to look like a funny baby chick!

Spring scene with Wikki sun, tree, flowers and two cute Wikki Stix bunnies.

Three plastic eggs decorated with Wikki Stix for Easter.

Two plastic Easter eggs with Wikki Stix faces.

Bright pink plastic egg, decorated with Wikki face and wearing small straw Easter bonnet.

Three spoons decorated with Wikki Stix with funny faces for Easter.

Intricate Wikki bunny, made from plastic Easter egg.

Plastic egg, decorated to look like a bunny with pink whiskers and large purple Wikki ears!