Since you’re outside, let’s see what we can make from rocks… and Wikki Stix! Take a look around and see if you can find rocks in interesting shapes…ones that look like an animal, or a car, a spaceship…a round rock can become a basketball…or would be perfect to make into a face! In fact, if you make a self-portrait on a rock…you can become a Rock Star! Before adding Wikkies to the rock, wash it off and scrub it a little to get all the dust and dirt off…and allow to dry thoroughly.

Rock with Wikki embellishments to look like a fierce dinosaur.
Two rocks decorated with Wikki Stix to create an alien.
Rock decorated to look like a baseball.
Rock decorated to look like an Elephant.
Rock decorated to look like a boy in a hat.
Rock with Wikki Hair and glasses.
Rock decorated to be a Grasshopper.
Rock decorated to look like a car with Wikki driver.
Rock with Wikki bunny ears, nose, and tail.
Rock with girl hair and glasses.
Assorted rocks decorated in various ways.
“Rock Band” made of Wikki Stix and rocks.

We would love to see your creations!

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