New! Make Believe Fun Paks Banner featuring a unicorn!
 Includes text that reads: The Best Travel Toy on the Planet.
USA Map created with Wikki Stix includes a banner that reads Fun on the Go.
A grandfather and granddaughter with the USA Fun book at a table with Wikkies.
Take Along Fun product display with Wikkies and contents.
A product display that included the Doodler, USA Fun Favors, Activity Set with girl in the back seat of a car.
Big Count Box product display with a caterpillar and an Alien created with Wikki Stix.
A family having fun displaying cards creted playing the Do-Wikki Game
Table top fun with picture of playsheet and food!
Wikki Stix for Restaurants. Boy with Wikki Stix, and playsheet at a restaurant table. Click for Product Details.
Mom and daughter doing Spring Crafts.or Product Details.
Welcome! We are a small friendly and playful company proud to produce a unique and amazing products that delights and entertains.
Mother helping little girl use Wikkies to form letters. Click for Educational Resources.
Autistic child using Wikki Stix. Click for Special Needs Resources.
Smiling logo face for TikTok. Click to visit Wikki Stix on TikTok.