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Tactile – Sensory – Engaging. Wikki Stix are widely used for kinesthetic learning activities, for non-verbal expression of emotion, as well as pre-writing and fine motor skills. Learn More.

Table Top Toys for Restuarants

Wikki Stix are the safe, CLEAN tabletop toy to keep kids quietly and happily entertained in a restaurant. Tons of play value in a small pak! Learn More.

Educational Resources for Teachers & Moms

From early education to mid-level science projects, Wikki Stix are a mistake-free teaching tool. Endlessly re-usable! Learn More.

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Visit the Wikki Stix blog for fun crafts for kids, educational ideas, news and events, seasonal fun, and so much more! Learn More.

Bilingual Packaging: Fench and English

7 best sellers with bilingual (English and French) packaging! Learn More.

What are Wikki Stix?

Simply stated…they stick! No glue, no paste, no mess. Just press them down with light fingertip pressure on virtually any smooth surface and they will stick. Learn More.