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Amazingly versatile, Wikki Stix can be used to identify punctuation marks, circle rhyming words, create animal habitats, science projects and critical thinking STEM activities, and bring math to life! And, with the creative aspect Wikki Stix provide, STEM turns to
STEAM in a flash!

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We feature lesson plans created by teachers and homeschoolers, and submitted to us. If you have something you would like to contribute, please reach out to info@wikkistix.com and we will respond to you immediately. We believe great ideas should be shared!

St. Patrick's Day STEAM
Heart Puppets and Song to Encourage Early Literacy and Math!
Valentine?s Day STEM Building Challenge for Kids!
STEM Education for Kids: STEM Education for Kids: Mayflower Boat Building Challenge
STEAM Education: Respectful Listening Talking Feather Stick Challenge
Fall STEM for Kids: The Legend of Corn Husk Dolls
Fall STEM Challenge for Kids: Building an Acorn Catapult
STEM Education ? Free-Standing Scarecrow Building Challenge for Kids!
STEM Education for Kids: Haunted House Engineering Challenge
Fall STEM for Kids: Punkin Chunkin Engineering
STEM Education and Project-Based Learning Lesson Plan: Spiders!
STEM Challenge for Kids: Bucket Pouring System Lesson Plan
STEM Education for Kids: Chain Link Building Challenge
 STEM Education for Kids: a MAKE IT MOVE Challenge!
STEM for Kids: Tower Building Challenge
STEAM Education for Kids: Mondrian Construction and Design
STEAM for Kids: Exploring and Constructing Tessellations
STEAM Activity for Kids: Kandinsky?s Concentric Circles
Parts of a Plant Cell Model
STEAM Activity for Kids: Wikki Stix Constellation Designs
SHAPES! A STEM Building Challenge for Kids!
SHAPES! A STEM Building Challenge for Kids!
Christmas Lesson Plan
Digestive System Lesson Plan
Frog Life Cycle
Gingerbread Lessons
Grasslands Habitat
Wetlands Habitat
Fall Lessons
Parts of a Plant
Pumpkin Estimation
Early Math Skills
Scarecrow Lesson Plans
Parts of a Volcano
Word Wall

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