Inspired Spoon Creations

Fun craft idea… cute creations on a spoon! These culinary creations are easy
to make… no glue, no paste… no mess! So grab your Wikki Stix, and let’s have some FUN!

Spoon decorated to look like Olaf from Frozen.
Spoons as Olaf, Elsa and Anna from Frozen.
Spoon as Elsa, closeup.
Spoon as Anna, closeup.

Over twenty spoons decorated with Wikki Stix to be movie characters and more.

Marge Simpson spoon.
5 spoons decorated with Wikki Stix to be movie characters.
Spoon decorated to be Princess Leia from Star Wars.
Spoon as C3PO, from Star Wars.
Spoon designed to be Grogu.
Spoon decorated as the Tin Man.
Four spoons as Wizard of Oz characters.
Harry Potter spoon.
Beetlejuice spoon.
Funny green spoon decorated as frog.
Seven spoons decorated as different animals… bunny, cat, raccoon, chicken, frog.
 Funny pink bunny spoon.
Spoon like baby chick!
Spoon like happy smiling bunny with big ears.
Black spoon, like cat with whiskers.
Orange spoon like butterfly.
Gray spoon like racoon.
Bright green alien spoon!
Three funny alien spoons with antennae and long Wikki arms.
 Purple spoon with alien look.
Funny gold spoon to be alien.
 Funny girl with long hair on spoon.
 Seven spoons to look like individual funny people.
Purple spoon as girl with wild pink Wikki hair.
Green spoon with girl in striped dress.
Red spoon decorated for 4th of July as Uncle Sam.
Simple girl with skirt on white spoon.
Orange spoon to look like sun with rays.
Orange spoon as scarecrow.

Two spoons decorated horizontally to look like dinosaurs with scary teeth and spines.

Holiday Forky Pals
Holiday reindeer, Santa, Angel, and Elf spoons.
Gold spoon decorated to be an angel.
Funny Bear spoon.
Smiling elf spoon, with big Wikki ears.
Reindeer with Wikki antlers on plastic spoon.
Reindeer Pals for Forky
Reindeer on plastic spoon.
Funny reindeer.
Rudolph with big red nose.
Another Rudolph spoon.