Special Spring crafts for special little fingers to enjoy!

 Simple flower, made of five Wikki loops, and Wikki stem.

Simple Spring Flower

 Simple butterfly shape, with Wikki embellishments on the wings.
Easy Butterfly Craft

Simiple drawing of an umbrella, with Wikki Stix polka dots!
Simple Spring Umbrella

Simple outline of an egg, decorated with Wikki Stix! Ready for Easter!
Fun Easter Egg Craft

Assorted colored paper umbrellas, all decorated with Wikki Stix and arranged inside a vase.

Beautiful 3D butterfly with a smiling face created with Wikki Stix.

3-d, colorful Wikki Stix caterpillar, with smiling face!

Colorful green worm created with Wikki Stix.

3D Flower Created with Wikki Stix.

Amazing yellow and black bee with wings created with Wikki Stix.

Delightful forest scene with trees, stream and deer drinking from it and smiling sun in the sky, all made of Wikki Stix.