Dinosaur Fun Pak

Dinosaur Fun Pak


12 individual play paks with dinosaur activity sheet and 12 Wikki Stix to use for creating the connect-the-dot dinosaur. Fun Fact on each one! PLUS bonus pak of adorable dino hatching out of its egg!

AND…three dinosaur footprint cards for making dinosaur tracks that stick right on your bedroom door or wall. Just complete the dashed lines with Wikki Stix, press onto wall, and gently peel off the card. Repeat ! Now you’re making tracks!

MORE Dinosaur fun…enjoying the funny side of dinosaurs! Since there were no humans during dinosaur times, there’s no way to know what kind of fun dinosaurs had. Here are some ideas: maybe Allosaurus liked to hula hoop!

AND Diplodocus loved pizza! Now you make up some funny ideas of your own!

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Lots of hours of fun, for independent play, travel times,
and learning new facts about favorite dinosaurs.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs!???!

Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) | Velociraptor | Triceratops
Spinosaurus | Allosaurus | Stegosaurus | Diplodocus
Pterodactyl | Parasaurolophus | Styracosaurus
Ankylosaurus | Apatosaurus

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