Sturdy reusable counting cards show each number in traceable form for use with Wikki Stix…hands-on, tactile learning. Can be used as flash cards and for simple math activities.

  • Set includes 36 Wikki Stix for hands-on tactile learning.
  • Creative illustrations on each card help children better understand numeric concepts. For example…a dime and a nickel equal 15! A dozen eggs is actually 12! A Stop sign has 8 sides! 3 circles make a snowman!
  • And important number information too. What number do you call in an emergency? 911.
  • Numbers from 1 to 20, plus 7 bonus cards with fun, easy math activities that provide rewarding and enjoyable learning fun.
  • Cards can be laminated for classroom use!
  • The perfect partner to the Wikki Stix Alphabet Card set!
  • Mess-free and frustration-free, Wikki Stix make learning fun and easy!