By Barbara A. Breeze, B.A./M.S.

I love Wikki Stix and I know you do too – isn’t it fun to say it out loud? My name is Barbara Breeze. I have been an educator for over 44 years, as a classroom teacher, special education administrator, and college professor, and know that Wikki Stix can be used in every academic level and subject to reach all types of students. We have multiple ideas and lesson plans on our website and I will share some fast, easy, no preparation ideas with you in this blog.

By Barbara A. Breeze, B.A./M.S.

One great idea for helping children identify main idea and supporting details (an important skills for reading comprehension) is to keep two different colored Wikki Stix handy. As they read a paragraph, ask them to underline the main idea with one color and a supporting detail (fact) with another color. Then discuss their choices and continue reading. A fast, easy, authentic lesson!

Over the past 12 years, I have been honored to attend over 50 national educational conferences as a representative for Wikki Stix and have met so many people who are very passionate about using Wikki Stix to help students learn! I may have even talked with YOU about the exciting learning applications in your classroom. (Let me know if you have been at our Wikki Stix booth and shared your ideas…I would love to hear from you.)

And lastly, as a grandparent of 11, I know first-hand the excitement and fun to be had on a rainy day (or a 110 degree day) with a big count box of Wikki Stix. Think one-of-a-kind creations that will allow children to giggle and bond with a favorite adult in a no-tech setting!

Reading Comprehension: Main Idea and Supporting Idea