Halloween Mobile With Wikki Stix!

Wikki Stix Halloween Mobile

Materials needed:

  • Black, white and orange paper
  • Small dowels or other small sticks
  • Wikki Stix


Click here to download and print templates to use for making the cat, bat, ghost and pumpkin…to create your Halloween mobile.

Cut out the design, and then lay it on the appropriate colored paper…and trace it! Now cut it out of the colored paper.

When you have cut each one out, make a small round coil (aprox. ¼” deep) of Wikki Stix on the back of each…and press one end of the dowel securely into that Wikki coil. Cross the two dowels over each other in the center and wrap securely with a Wikki.

You may need to adjust the center wrap, and possibly the individual figures to balance your mobile. Then use Wikki Stix or string, wrapping around the center, and hang it up!

Halloween Mobile

Halloween tie instructions