Parts of a VolcanoArea of Study: Fine Arts, Language Arts, Science, Fine Motor Skills. Grades K4 through K6.

Specific Objective: Given a diagram of a volcano, the student will label 3 of the following parts: the magma chamber, vents, and, crater.

Required supplies:
Parts of a Volcano Visual Aid
Premade Labels with basic terminology (magma chamber, vents, crater)
Wikki Stix
Blank paper for each student

How to teach this Lesson:
1. Review previous lesson with the teacher asking the students what facts they already know about a volcano. After writing some of these facts on the board the teacher will display a visual aid of a volcano.
2. Using Wikki Stix, the teacher will ask for students to trace over each part of the volcano and teach the names of the different parts to the students, using the premade labels.
3. The students will then break up into groups and design their own volcanoes using paper and Wikki Stix. The students will then label the drawings that they have made.
4. The students will each write a sentence, using one of the labels and describe this part of the volcano.

Curriculum Extension:
Using the factual sentences that the students wrote, the teacher will use them to create an informal student-made assessment to play “Jeopardy”.