Learning about a life cycle is FUN for kids, but it also provides great opportunities to learn how animals develop and grow. The Wikki Stix chicken life cycle and paper plate craft will provide hours of playful learning and hands-on explorations that bring science to life for kids!

Chicken Life Cycle and a Paper Plate Craft for Kids!

Chicken Life Cycle and Wikki Stix Paper Plate Craft for Kids!

To introduce your own kids to the chicken life cycle, print the free information cards here. (download chicken life cycle PDF cards here)  Read each of the cards for the kids in the order they appear in the life cycle:

  1. EGG – As soon as the mother chicken lays the eggs, she sits on it to keep it warm. The baby chick eats the yolk for food as it grows.
  2. HATCHLING – After about 21 days, the chick has grown big enough to break the shell and hatch.
  3. CHICK – Baby chicks are furry. They peck at the ground to find food that is good for them.
  4. ADULT – Adult chickens begin the life cycle again. Male chickens are called roosters and female chickens are called hens.

Invite the kids to cut the cards apart and sequence the cards on a table in the correct life cycle order.

Extension Activity:  Print 4 copies of the cards, cut the cards apart, and lay each card face down on a table or the floor.    Invite the kids to turn over two cards at a time to locate a matching pair of cards.  If no match is located, play passes to the next player.    Play continues until the player(s) have matched all of the cards.

Wikki Stix Paper Plate Chicken Life Cycle Craft for Kids!

Materials needed:


Invite the kids to use Wikki Stix to divide the paper plate into four sections (see photo).

  • In the top left corner – kids can cut pieces of gold, yellow, and/or brown Wikki Stix to make a nest. White Wikki Stix can be formed into a tight pinwheel to resemble the egg in the nest.
  • In the top right corner – create the Wikki Stix hatching. Kids can make two yellow Wikki Stix balls and press them on top of each other.  The chick’s feet and beak are created with cut orange Wikki Stix pieces. The eyes are made with small cut pieces of black Wikki Stix formed into balls.  Have the kids wrap part of the created chick with white Wikki Stix to resemble the egg shell.
  • In the lower right corner – invite the kids to create another chick per directions above without the white Wikki Stix shell.
  • In the lower left corner – kids can create the adult hen with two brown Wikki Stix balls pressed on top of each other. Have the kids add a beak, eyes, and decorations to the adult hen with additional Wikki Stix.
  • When the paper plate craft is finished, invite the kids to cut out the labels and press the corresponding label to the appropriate section in the Wikki Stix life cycle craft.

To see a fun chicken life cycle video created by elementary students, watch below:

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Wikki Stix Paper Plate Chicken Life Cycle Craft

Wikki Stix Paper Plate Chicken Life Cycle Craft