Summer Road Trips:  Creative Games for Kids to Play

With summer vacation just around the corner, road trips with kids will become as integral to summer as picnics, ballgames, and leisurely nights playing in the backyard. To help creatively engage kids while in the car, Wikki Stix now has the Traveler Kit! The Traveler comes with its own portable case and contains 144 Wikki Stix that can be used in a variety of ways to turn your next road trip into an opportunity for creative FUN and educational play!

Wikki Stix Traveler

Try any of the Wikki Stix Traveler games below to help make road trips more enjoyable for kids of all ages! Tip – add a small pair of safety or regular scissors to the Travelers case so kids can cut various lengths of Wikki Stix to design some of the game items.

Count and Create I-Spy Game – there are many items that kids can find while traveling. Invite your children to “I-Spy” one item, create that item with Wikki Stix on the top of the Traveler case, and count the number of times they can find that item within a certain time period.

I-Spy Create and Count

Classification ABC’s –invite the children to pick a category and make Wikki Stix items that begin with letters of the Alphabet. Category suggestions might include: items found in nature, bugs and insects, fruits and vegetables, things that have wheels or things that fly. The children can create the Wikki Stix items directly on top of the Traveler case (see photo below).

F is for Flower

Unusual Item Seek, Find, and Create – invite kids to look for items that aren’t commonly found every day. When they find such an item, have the kids create that item with Wikki Stix (on top of the Traveler case) and see if others in the car can guess what it is! Older kids may want to create the word from Wikki Stix as a clue for younger children in the car (see photo below).

WS Weather Vane

Classic Colored Cars Counting Game – invite kids to cut several green/blue/yellow/red Wikki Stix into fourths. See how many cars kids can find that correspond to those Wikki Stix colors within a predetermined timeframe. Have the kids create tally marks with a small piece of Wikki Stix on the top of the Traveler case for each colored car they find.

WS Colored Cars Tally Mark Count

The Wikki Stix Traveler Kit also includes a 12 page idea booklet to keep kids learning and entertained on road trips! Invite the kids to pick any state to create their own license plate within the booklet!

License Plate Game – offer a small prize or a snack when kids find 10 license plates that correspond to the state created or states that begin with the same letter as the created license plate.

CHALLENGE ACTIVITY: Invite the kids to find a license plate to create from a state other than their own state. It’s a great way to create and count while opening up conversations about geography while traveling!

WS License Plate

Road Trip Games with Wikki Stix are not only FUN to play but they will help keep kids occupied while exploring, learning, and creating this summer!

We invite you to bookmark this blog for even more activities for summertime travel and creative play with the Wikki Stix Traveler coming soon!