Rainbow jellyfish were discovered in Australia just a decade ago. While the rainbow jellyfish is not a true jellyfish, they resemble jellyfish without the stinging cells. The rainbow jellyfish refracts light and creates a rainbow effect. This summer, invite your kids to create a fine motor rainbow jellyfish craft with Wikki Stix. The beautiful rainbow colors of Wikki Stix make wonderful jellyfish crafts for encouraging fine motor skills at home, at summer camp, or in the childcare classroom.

Rainbow Jellyfish Craft Kids Can Make

Creating the rainbow jellyfish crafts with Wikki Stix is not only fun for kids, but it involves the use of small finger, hand, and wrist muscles to encourage fine motor skills. Prior to crafting, gather all supplies and set out on a table or a large tray. Kids are curious about colorful materials and will naturally be drawn to create when supplies are available. The rainbow jellyfish use simple supplies and is a low-prep craft to keep kids busy creating during the summer.

Materials needed:

  • Assorted Rainbow Colors of Wikki Stix
  • Free Jellyfish Printable Template – download and print here.
  • Scissors


  • Download and print the jellyfish template to heavy paper. Download Here!
  • Cut out the jellyfish shape.
  • Invite kids to outline the jellyfish with black Wikki Stix.
  • Kids can then use black Wikki Stix to create sections on the template – kids can be creative and use black Wikki Stix in any manner desired to make the various sections for the rainbow jellyfish.
  • Once kids have created the black outlined sections (see photo below for an example), they can use assorted rainbow colors of Wikki Stix to fill in each section. The rainbow jellyfish will be unique to the child creating with different patterns and use of colors.
  • When the jellyfish top is finished, kids can press rainbow-colored strands of Wikki Stix to the back of the jellyfish template that hang below the craft.
  • To create a top hanger for the rainbow jellyfish crafts:  have kids make a loop from one Wikki Stix and twist the ends of the Wikki Stix together. Press the ends firmly behind the top of the rainbow jellyfish to display the craft.


Rainbow Jellyfish Craft for Kids

Nothing quite says summer like the beach or ocean. The rainbow jellyfish crafts are an awesome way for kids to build fine motor skills this summer while creating!