If your kids need a little inspiration to create this summer, try the FREE Summer fine motor play mat bundle to get their creative juices flowing. With Wikki Stix and the free printable mats, kids can use the simple prompts on each of the mats to create and play all summer long.

Summer Fine Motor Play Mats for Kids to Create

Materials needed:

  • Assorted colors of Wikki Stix
  • Free printable summer play mat bundle (6 designs for creation and play) – download and print here
  • Laminating supplies or clear contact paper to reuse the play mats
  • Scissors – note: Wikki Stix can be cut with safety scissors so younger kids can create independently, too.


  • Print each of the free play mats and laminate to reuse throughout the summer. There are six play mats for kids to create with Wikki Stix in the free bundle: an ice cream cone, a crab, a sun, a gumball machine, a flower, and a flag.
  • Set out the play mats, scissors, and an assorted variety of Wikki Stix colors on a table as an invitation for kids to create. Kids are naturally curious about materials and will be drawn to create and play when supplies are readily available.
  • Each of the free printable play mats give a suggested prompt for creating with Wikki Stix, but kids can design with Wikki Stix however desired. There is no wrong or right way to create. Each of the play mats will be unique to the child creating it.
  • When laminated, the play mats can be reused with Wikki Stix for fine motor play and creation all summer long.

The free printable summer fine motor mats will keep kids engaged and creating with Wikki Stix. Kids won’t even know they are gaining fine motor skills, color recognition, object recognition, visual discrimination skills and MORE while creating with Wikki Stix. For even more ways to play with Wikki Stix this summer, please visit:

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