Wikki Stix Apple Collage for creative Play and a fun craft activity  for the kids!

The Wikki Stix Apples activities suggested below are a fun way for kids to create and learn as summer gives way to the new season!

WS Apple Life Cycle for early childhood education

Download Wikki Stix Apple Tree Life Cycle Labels PDF

Wikki Stix Apple Tree Life Cycle

Materials needed: 1 Paper plate per child/life cycle craft, Black, Brown, Green, White, and Red Wikki Stix, scissors, and a marker or the printable (linked here) for labeling the craft.

Explain and discuss with the children the growth of an apple tree from tiny seeds to a tree that bears fruit. Remind the children that a life cycle repeats itself over and over again.
Have the children divide the paper plate into four sections using the black Wikki Stix.

  1. The life cycle begins in the upper left corner. Have the children cut small pieces of black Wikki Stix with scissors and place the seeds inside that section.
  2. In the upper right corner of the paper plate, the children can make a small tree (seedling) using the brown or black Wikki Stix.
  3. The lower right corner of the plate should contain an apple tree with blossoms. Have the children make a tree with the brown and green Wikki Stix and cut small white Wikki Stix pieces for the blossoms.
  4. To complete the life cycle, the children can make a tree with the fruit (apples) in the lower left hand corner of the plate.

The children can use markers to label their apple tree life cycle craft or they can cut the labels from the printable above and glue to the corresponding sections.

Wikki Stix Apple Patterning Picture

Wikki Stix Apple Patterning Practice

Fall is a wonderful time to introduce patterning to children. In many parts of the United States, fall is alive with vibrant colors and patterns in nature.

Materials needed: Red, Green, Yellow, and Brown Wikki Stix

Set out the different colors of Wikki Stix and invite the children to create red, yellow, and green apples. Some of the younger children may wish to just make a circle to resemble an apple. Older children may desire to make Wikki Stix spirals and add a stem or leaf to their apple crafts.

When the children have finished creating the apples, ask the children if they can form a simple AB pattern from two of the different colors (ex.: A=red and B=green). An AB pattern would exist of red, green, red, green, red, green, etc. As the children become more familiar with patterning, add the yellow apples to create an ABC repeating pattern – in the photo above, the child chose the following colors: A=green, B=red, and C=yellow.

As children gain confidence with patterning, additional colors of apples can be added to create more complex patterns. Children will also begin to point out patterns as they find them in various other places (the grocery store, while traveling to and from school, in the park, at home, etc.) as patterning skills grow!

What's Missing is fun and creative learning activity for kids!

Wikki Stix Apple Colors Game

Materials needed: 3 cups and the 3 colors of Wikki Stix apple crafts created above.

Place the cups upside down on a table or the floor. Show the children the 3 colors of apples and place each of the Wikki Stix apples under the cups. Ask the children to close their eyes (NO PEEKING!) and remove one of the apples from under the cup. Ask the children to open their eyes and designate one child to lift the 3 cups. The children will see that one color of apple is gone; ask them what color of apple is missing. As the children become familiar with the game, add more colors of Wikki Stix created apples and additional cups: purple, pink, orange, etc.

The children think it is fun to make non-standard colors of apples and play the game! By creating the apples and playing the game, children also develop important fine motor and memory skills!

Little Apples activity for kids!

Wikki Stix 5 Little Apples Craft (to accompany the poem below)

Materials needed: Brown and green Wikki Stix, the red Wikki Stix apples (made for patterning above), and mounting paper.
Invite the children to create any kind of tree on the paper with the brown and green Wikki Stix. The children can then place 5 red Wikki Stix apples on the tree (see photo above).
Read the following poem to the children and have the children remove one apple before repeating:

Way Up High in the Apple Tree
Way up high in the apple tree,
5 red apples smiled at me.
I shook that tree as hard as I could;
Down came an apple…
Mmm it was good!
Repeat with 4 red apples, 3, 2, 1
~Author Unknown

The poem and Wikki Stix craft are wonderful ways to teach basic counting skills this fall!

Apple Addition for early childhood education math

Wikki Stix Apple Addition Wheels

Materials needed: Assorted Wikki Stix, scissors, and one paper plate per child/craft.

Have the children create eight sections of their paper plate with the Wikki Stix (see photo above). The children can then make two circles to place around the divided sections (spider web style – a smaller inner circle and a larger outer circle). Younger children will need assistance in making their addition wheels (or the wheels can be made prior to the activity).

Use one of the Wikki Stix created apples (see patterning above) to place in the center of the plate. Have the children choose a number (1-9) to create and place on top of the apple in the center of the plate (see photo above). In the sections of the first circle, have the children create all numbers 1-9 with the Wikki Stix EXCEPT for the number they chose to go on the center apple. Place one of the 8 numbers within each of the 8 inner sections of the addition craft (see photo).

The children must then ADD the center number to the number located within the inner circle.

For younger children, have the children make tally marks with Wikki Stix to help with addition skills. The sum of the center number and inner circle number can then be created and placed in the outer sections.

Once created, the crafts are durable and can be saved for addition practice throughout the year! Keep the created numbers in a small cup or container for future use.

Wikki Stix Sugar Scented Picture

Wikki Stix Sugar Scented Sensory Apple Craft

Materials needed: 1 paper plate, green or red Wikki Stix (to make the apple outline), brown/green Wikki Stix for the stem/leaf decorations, sugar, green or red food coloring, assorted food grade scented oils (spearmint, mint, cherry, apple, orange, lemon, cinnamon, etc.), paint cups, a paintbrush, and a paint smock (or old T-shirt).

Prior to the craft: in several paint cups (or disposable cups), mix sugar and liquid glue together on a 3/1 ratio (if the mixture is too thick to paint with…add a little more glue) – stir in food coloring until desired color is reached. Add a different drop of the chosen scented oils to each of the sugar cups.

Have the children design an apple shape from the red or green Wikki Stix on their paper plate. Older children may desire to add a stem/leaf at the top of their paper plate for decoration.

The children can brush paint their apples with the scented sugar mixture above. The Wikki Stix will act as a template for the apple shape as the children are painting. Thoroughly dry the painted apples and remove the Wikki Stix.

Have the children close their eyes and smell the different scents. Ask the children if they like or dislike the scent they painted with. If they liked it, have the children make a smiley face from the Wikki Stix. If the children disliked the scent, they can make a sad face on the paper plate craft.

The sense of smell is powerful for children. Helping children develop olfactory awareness will create memories that last long after the activity! What smells do you remember from childhood?

We hope you and your children have a chance to explore, play, learn, and create special memories with the Wikki Stix Apples activities this fall!