Traditionally, quilling is an art technique accomplished with small strips of rolled paper that are glued into shapes for various crafting projects. With Wikki Stix, there is no need for glue to create fun and beautiful quilled crafts. Try your hand at quilling with the Easter Egg craft from Wikki Stix this spring!

Quilling an Easter Egg Craft with Wikki Stix!

Quilling an Easter Egg Craft with Wikki Stix!

Materials needed for the Wikki Stix Quilled Easter Egg Crafts:

  • Assorted Colors of Wikki Stix
  • Scissors
  • Free Printable Easter Egg Template (download here).

Prior to starting the Easter Egg quilling craft, practice some of the various quilling techniques with Wikki Stix!

  1. Single Color Spirals – begin at one end of a Wikki Stix strand. Wrap the Wikki Stix into a tight pinwheel or spiral.  Various sizes of spirals will be used in the quilled Easter Egg project – to create different sized spirals, simply cut Wikki Stix to the desired length with scissors.
  2. Two-Color Spirals – lay two colors of Wikki Stix side-by-side and then wrap both strands into a tight spiral.
  3. Twisted Spirals – twist two or more colors of Wikki Stix together.  After twisting the Wikki Stix strands, form into a tight pinwheel.
  4. Wikki Stix Rolls – lay two Wikki Stix side-by-side.  Begin rolling both strands together until you reach the ends of the Wikki Stix.  Lay the rolled Wikki Stix flat on the Easter Egg template.

Directions for Quilling the Easter Egg Craft with Wikki Stix:

  • Print the Easter Egg Template to heavy paper.
  • Quill Wikki Stix using any of the various techniques above and place on the template.
  • When finished filling the template with quilled Wikki Stix, cut around the Easter Egg template carefully.
  • Finish the craft by placing a ribbon hanger on the back of the paper.  Secure the hanger in place with additional Wikki Stix.

The quilled Easter Egg crafts make beautiful displays during Easter.  Quilling is fun, but it is also a relaxing way to create and encourage hand and finger strength.  It’s a perfect craft for kids or adults to create during the holiday!

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