K-Cups are a convenience to many who appreciate a fast cup of coffee on a crisp fall morning.  If, however, you’ve wondered about all the plastic little cups going into landfills, the Wikki Stix Pilgrim Hat Craft is a perfect holiday creation to recycle and keep kids entertained on Thanksgiving.  Save your K-Cups throughout the month for a FUN craft kids can create on their own.


Wikki Stix Pilgrim Hat Crafts with Recycled K-Cups

Prior to creating the Pilgrim hat craft:  open, empty, wash, and thoroughly dry used K-Cups.

Materials needed:

  • Used Plastic K-Cup Coffee Pods (one per craft/child)
  • Black and Yellow Wikki stix
  • Scissors

Set out the K-Cups, Wikki Stix, and scissors on a large tray or table as an invitation for the kids to create.


  • Invert the K-Cup so it resembles a tall hat.
  • Kids should wrap black Wikki Stix around the entire container. Cut away any remaining portion of black Wikki Stix with scissors.  Wikki Stix will adhere to the plastic K-Cup with fingertip pressure – no glue will be necessary.
  • The brim for the Pilgrim’s hat is designed from a black Wikki Stix circle. Kids should make a circle (larger than K-Cup rim) from black Wikki Stix.  After the circle is created, fill in the circle using additional black Wikki Stix inside the initial shape.
  • Assemble the Pilgrim hat by placing the inverted K-Cup directly on top of the Wikki Stix created black circle “brim.”
  • Kids can create the buckle for the Pilgrim hat by making a small square shape with yellow Wikki Stix.

If desired, kids can create names for the Pilgrim hat crafts to use as place holders for Thanksgiving celebrations!

Insert Create Names from Wikki Stix for Place Holders at Thanksgiving photo here

The Pilgrim hats are easy crafts for kids to create while recycling a household item that usually goes into the trash.  Kid will have fun creating their own special holiday craft with Wikki Stix!

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