The Wikki Stix Paper Bag Scarecrow Crafts are whimsical and fun crafts to create with kids during harvest time. Come learn a little about scarecrows and create with Wikki Stix this fall!

Harvest-Themed Paper Bag Scarecrow Crafts for Kids!

Wikki Stix Harvest-Themed Paper Bag Scarecrow Crafts for Kids!

Materials needed:

  • One brown paper bag per craft
  • Assorted Colors of Wikki Stix (including yellow, orange, white, and black)
  • Scissors

Prior to the Scarecrow Craft Activity:  Read The Scarecrow’s Dance by Jane Yolen.  The illustrations in the book are breathtaking.  The book has a wonderful storyline and is a beautiful book to add to your autumn-themed library.

Scarecrow Background Information for Teachers and Parents:  Scarecrows get their name from the duty they perform in the fields.  A scarecrow is made to scare birds or other animals away from the fruits of the harvest crops.  Humans, originally, were the “scarers” in the fields.  Today, farmers and gardeners hang noise makers, such as pie tins, from the arms of the scarecrow.  The noise keeps the animals from eating corn or other harvest fruits and vegetables while the scarecrow is the decorative host.

Directions for Creating the Paper Bag Scarecrow Crafts with Wikki Stix:

Set out the assorted colors of Wikki Stix, paper bags, and scissors on a table as an invitation for the kids to create.

  • Invert the paper bag – the bottom of the bag should be the top of the scarecrow craft (opening of the bag should be on the bottom).
  • Kids can cut pieces of yellow Wikki Stix and press onto the top of the bag to resemble straw for the scarecrow’s hair.
  • The hat for the paper bag can be created with any color of Wikki Stix. Kids can make any kind, or shape, of hat desired.   Tip:  invite the kids to create an outline of their hat with the chosen color of Wikki Stix.  Once the outline is created (and kids are happy with the shape), they can fill-in the original outline with additional Wikki Stix.  Kids can add any decorative features to the hat they wish to create (i.e. bands, flowers, or other designs).
  • Each of the scarecrow’s eyes are created with 2 white Wikki Stix and one black Wikki Stix. Kids can make a tight pinwheel with the white Wikki Stix, and then another, smaller, black pinwheel for the center of the eye.  Press the Wikki Stix created eyes to the paper bag.
  • The scarecrow’s nose is made with two orange Wikki Stix. Kids can create a basic triangle shape with one Wikki Stix.  The remaining orange Wikki Stix is used to fill in the triangle shape.  Press the triangle to the paper bag.
  • The mouth for the scarecrow is created with two black Wikki Stix. Kids can create any shape for the scarecrow’s mouth with one black Wikki Stix.  Press the black Wikki Stix onto the paper bag.  The “stitches” are created by pressing cut black pieces of Wikki Stix on top of the created scarecrow’s mouth.

Each of the Wikki Stix paper bag scarecrows will be unique to the child creating.  The scarecrow crafts make fun puppets for play or to display during the harvest season.

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Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft for Kids

Paper Bag Scarecrow Craft for Kids!

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