We recently wrote a blog post about using Wikki Stix in Touch Point Math. We are carrying on our Touch Point Math suggestions today by demonstrating the use of  Wikki Stix during Touch Point addition.

First we printed the numbers 1-9 on 8 ½ x 11 paper. We then laminated every page with 5 mil lamination (heavy duty).

Laminated numbers for Touch Point Math:
Laminated Numbers for Touch Math with Wikki Stix

Next we used Wikki Stix to create our touch points. With the laminated sheets, the Wikki Stix were easily removable and adjustable.

Addition with Touch Point Math
Teach Addition with Wikki Stix Touch Math
The students will be counting to find the answer. Start with the highest number first. For example, if the problem is 4 + 3, the student will start with the number four and count 1, 2, 3, 4 then continue to the number three and count 5, 6, 7 for the correct answer, seven.

Repeat the problem and answer out loud: “four plus three equals seven.”

We used our Wikki Stix touch points again and again and again.
Addition with Wikki Stix Touch Math
When we finished the math lesson we stacked the laminated sheets and put our touch points into a ziplock baggie. Everything is ready to go for next time!

Everything bundled up!
Package up your Touch Point Number and Wikki Stix for the next lesson

Teacher tip: Consider creating one set of laminated sheets (and Wikki Stix touch points) for each student in class. Label each set with the child’s name and keep them at the desks for daily use.