Snowman and Snow Globe Craft for Kids!

Snowman Instructions:
For the starting base, you can use a ping pong ball or other round object, or just…crumple paper into a small ball…and wrap with white Wikki Stix. Make two more to complete the shape of a snowman. And then add features! Tip: a small piece of cloth makes a cute scarf!

Snow Globe Instructions:
Start with a clean, dry clear glass jar. With a long-handled small spatula, spread some cooking oil very lightly and randomly inside the jar, starting at the bottom and working gently to the top. Don’t use too much! Next, shake a small amount of silver or white glitter into the Jar and shake all around…it will adhere to the coated areas and create the
Illusion of falling snow.

Set jar lid on the table and press the snowman onto the inside of the lid. Screw the glass jar onto the lid, creating the effect of a Snow Globe.

This is a perfect activity for the kids on cold winter days. Stay warm and have fun!

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Snow Globe Instructions

Finished Snowman and Snow Globe