As we come to Thanksgiving, engage kids in creating a simple Wikki Stix “tech drop” station for mobile devices. Creating the station for mobile devices is FUN for kids, but it is also a way to engage kids in conversations regarding personal interactions, without technology, with family members and friends. In the digital age, it is an important reminder for kids as well as adults.

Simple “TECH DROP” Station Kids’ Craft for Thanksgiving

Wikki Stix Simple Tech Drop Station Kids’ Craft for Thanksgiving!

Materials needed:

  • Assorted Colors of Wikki Stix (including brown, white, black, orange, and red).
  • 1 Notecard or Index Card (per craft)
  • Scissors
  • Basket, Large Tray, or Large Paper Plate

Prior to creating the craft:  Discuss the importance of real family conversations and interactions over the Thanksgiving holiday.  As a society, we’ve become dependent on instant information, via mobile technology, for personal news and recreation.   Setting up a mobile “tech drop” station on a table or near the front door, will encourage family and friends to put away mobile devices and engage in meaningful interactions with each other.

Wikki Stix Tech Drop Station Crafts:

Kids can create any Wikki Stix item desired for the tech drop station.  The turkey shown in the photo is created with:

  • 6 Brown Wikki Stix – have kids use 4 of the brown Wikki Stix and form a ball for the turkey’s body. The remaining 2 brown Wikki Stix should be formed into a smaller ball for the turkey’s head.  Press the two brown balls together.
  • Kids can use any colors of Wikki Stix for the turkey’s feathers. Simply fold each color of Wikki Stix in half (leaving an opening to resemble a feather), and press each created feather behind the turkey’s body.
  • The eyes for the turkey craft are created with small cut pieces of white and black Wikki Stix. Kids can make small balls and then press the create eyes to the turkey’s head.
  • The beak and wattle are created with cut pieces of orange and red Wikki Stix. Press a cut piece of orange Wikki Stix the bottom of the turkey’s head and then attach a small piece of red Wikki Stix to resemble the turkey’s wattle.
  • The turkey’s feet are created with 2 orange Wikki Stix. Kids can create individual claws for the turkey with cut pieces of orange Wikki Stix.

Other Wikki Stix creations kids might enjoy making for the “tech drop” stations:

When kids are finished making the Wikki Stix crafts for the tech drop station, invite them to use additional Wikki Stix to create a station sign.  Kids can cut Wikki Stix to form the letters for the words:  TECH DROP.  Place the Wikki Stix letters on an index card or notecard.  The notecard can be attached with Wikki Stix to any basket or plate to create a station where guests can leave mobile devices during Thanksgiving.

The Wikki Stix tech drop station is a great reminder for family and friends to enjoy personal interactions with each other on Thanksgiving.  There is no greater blessing than the real company and conversations of those held close to our hearts.

From the Wikki Stix family to yours, we wish you a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

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