Area of Study: Fine Arts, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Fine Motor Skills. PreK-2nd.

Using Wikki Stix to create the parts of a plant will help the children retain the information through sensorial (tactile) reinforcement.

The lesson can be adapted for various learning levels by simplifying the information below to be age-appropriate.

  • SEEDS – Planted in the soil – need water and sunlight to produce a new plant.
  • ROOTS – Supports the plant – takes in water and nutrients from the soil.
  • STEM – Supports the leaves – transports water and nutrients to the plant.
  • LEAVES – Use sunlight and chlorophyll to convert CO2 and water to make (glucose) sugar (the process is called photosynthesis).
  • FLOWERS – Attract pollinators to fertilize the plants to produce seeds.
  • FRUIT – Protects the seeds until dispersed by animals or humans.
Parts of Plant

The children can use Wikki Stix to create a simple plant on a paper plate or mounting paper. Younger children may wish to create only the roots, a stem, and the leaves for their plant project. You can print the labels in the download below and press onto the Wikki Stix (no glue will be necessary).

Parts of a Plant Lesson Plan

Labeling Extension Activity for Documentation of Learning
Plarts of Plant Labeling Extension Activity

Have the children use Wikki Stix to label the plant below. Older children may wish to create the flowers, seeds, and/or fruit on the plant for labeling.

Have the children take pictures of their Wikki Stix created plant projects when finished.

Parts of a Plant Lesson Plan

Download the complete Lesson Plan

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