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A recent spring cleaning frenzy had me wondering what to do with a bunch of empty CD jewel cases.

Surely these perfectly square containers were good for something? Indeed! They make a great little case for a labyrinth toy.

Labyrinth Toy Maze, craft idea for kids!



Materials needed:
*Fimo/sculpey bakeable clay
*Recyled CD jewel cases
*Scissors & paper

Step 1
Find an empty CD case and remove the center CD holder.
Step 2
Now you can take your bendaroos (wax covered strings) and cut and bend and create your maze The wax will stick to the plastic when you press firmly
Step 3
You can then make tiny little round balls by rolling fimo in your fingers. Then bake to harden. (follow instructions on the Fimo or Sculpey package)
Step 4
I then taped colored paper to back of the CD HOLDER.
DIY Crafts for Kids, Labyrinth Maze
A fun craft to make... Wikki Stix and an empty CD case
A fun Labyrinth Craft for kids
A finished Labyrinth Maze... DIY Toy!