Wikki Stix really are endlessly re-usable. No matter how many times they are manipulated, placed, removed or repositioned, they retain their ability to twist, bend and stick. With just a touch of a fingertip, Wikki Stix magically adhere to each other making 3-D crafting a snap! Perfect for kids craft activities of all kinds. For hands-on fun and creativity, try these fun 3-D kids crafts. For most of the creations shown here, a styrofoam core was used, wrapping the Wikki Stix around it, to start the process. You can also use small boxes like the kind mints come in, as well as ping pong balls, to provide different shapes. Legs can be made by wrapping Wikki Stix around craft sticks, broken crayons or even broken candles.

Wikki Stix Educational Toys conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in the schools. Safe, non-toxic and made in the USA!

Wikki Stix tiger head and body.

 Face of a dog, in complex style, made of Wikkies.

 Whimsical giraffe made of orange and yellow Wikkies.

 Laughing penguin made of Wikkies.

Funny orange Wikki Stix dinosaur.

Large, whimsical purple dinosaur made of Wikkies.

Funny pink Wikki Stix hippopotamus.

Green Wikki Stix dancing elephant.

Wikki bumble bee made of Wikkies on styrofoam shape.

Small intricate Wikki Stix horse.

Wikki Stix dog.

Complicated Wikki Stix artwork gorilla.