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Educational Resources and Creative Teaching Tools

Educational and learning toys, teacher tools, and creative ideas from Wikki Stix educational and learning toysWikki Stix educational and learning toys are perfect early learning and preschool tools for teaching basic shapes and more.Virtually mistake-proof, Wikki Stix hands-on are a perfect teaching tool for the classroom or homeschooling. Ideal for tactile, hands-on learning from Pre-K through Middle school.

Soft and pliable, Wikki Stix are easy for young fingers to use so they are an excellent preschool educational tool.

For Middle School, they provide hands-on involvement, which is often overlooked at that level.

No preparation, no mess, no cleanup! Use to highlight text on a book page, for making diagrams and cross sections, forming letters and numbers, as a math manipulative, crafts for kids, seasonal fun, bulletin boards and more! See all our educational products.

Wikki Stix conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in the schools. Wikki Stix are safe, non-toxic and made in the USA!

"Wow! If you haven't seen Wikki Stix, you're really missing something. This product has a jillion uses-spelling, counting, any art project and just plain fun."
- Review in Teaching K-8 Magazine

"These flexible, wax covered yarn strands might be the most interesting new teaching tool to come along in decades."
- Science and Children Magazine (National Science Teachers Association.)

Wikki Stix offers our bulk class packs -- in several sizes, each with a 36-page Resource Manual. For more information, call 1-800-TO-WIKKI (869-4554).

Below is just a small sampling of our educational resources and teaching ideas. For more, simply click the tabs above. We welcome all feedback from the educational community. Feel free to Email Us with your comments, lesson plan ideas and more!

Language Arts

Use Wikki Stix as and educational toy to teach Language Arts
It's exciting to bring a story to life with Wikki Stix are the perfect creative educational tool for hands-on learning. Use Wikki Stix as a learning toy to highlighting parts of speech, digraphs, rhyming words and more.

Teaching Math Can be Fun!

Teachers and homeschoolers can teach match with Wikki Stix
Teaching Math is more fun with Wikki Stix! Wikki Stix are a welcome tool for teachers and homeschoolers who appreciate a "no-prep" teaching tool. Teach everything from fractions to algebraic functions.

Social Studies made easy!

Educational and Learning toys for teaching Social Studies
Wikki Stix makes learning Social Studies easy! Wikki Stix can help introduce children to history, geography, culture and other aspects of social studies at an early age.

Wikki Stix Word Wall!

Use Wikki Stix educational and learning toys as teaching tool to create a Word Wall
Creating a Word Wall with Wikki Stix is fun! Use Wikki Stix as a teaching tool to make your letter headings stand out.

Teach Science with Wikki Stix!

Science teaching resources for homeschool and classroom education
Wikki Stix are a fun Learning Toy, they're fun teaching tool! Use in the classroom or homeschool! Teach everything from Parts of Tooth to the Continental Divide.

Early Childhood Education!

Use our Educational and Learning toys as a Teaching Tool for Early Childhood Education
Ideas and activities for teaching preschool and kindergarten. Learning basic shapes, letters and numbers fun is fun with Wikki Stix

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