3-D Turtle
  1. Turtle Shells: Coil a Wikki Stix into a circle. Repeat so you have two turtle shells, (a top shell and a bottom shell).

  2. Body & Tail: Fold another Wikki in half and press together so there is no space in between. Twist one end to make a tail. Curl the other end down into a round head shape and stick to its neck area.

  3. Attach the head and tail piece to the center of one of the shells. Allow the tail to stick out about 1/4 inch.

  4. Legs: With another Wikki, make a tight oval like shown. Start in the center with an inch of the Wikki, folding it into an oval spiral. Try to make the oval four Wikkies thick and press together tightly. It might take a few tries to make it look even. Now repeat so you have a second set of legs.

  5. Attach front legs on the turtle’s back. Then attach the back legs. Keep ovals very close together and centered so legs are the same length on each side. Bend them down and press to the body tightly. You can place the turtle on your finger as you press, creating a downward concave to the turtle shell.

  6. Keep the turtle on your finger as you press the top shell into place. Attach tightly, pressing both sides at once. A slight concave bend to the shell is OK.

  7. You now have a pet turtle. Place your turtle on the table and give it a cute name!
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