3-D Rooster Instructions
  1. Beak & Feet: Bend a Wikki in half and pinch together near the middle to make the beak. Then fold about 1/4 inch of each end to make the feet. Press and stick feet firmly to the Wikki, keeping the legs separated.

  2. Body Front: Coil another Wikki into an oval and stick the end tightly to the Wikki. Then bend in half and stick body to the feet as shown, allowing for a neck to show. 

  3. Tail Feather 1: Curve one end of a Wikki into the shape of a rooster tail. Only about 1/4 of the Wikki will be the feather. The other end will become the top of the rooster, (comb and wattle).

  4. Tail Feathers 2: Shape a fourth Wikki into feathers by dividing the Wikki into fourths and creating a loop in the center, (see diagram)

  5. Attach Feathers to Body: Press feather 1 tightly to the oval Wikki, behind the feet. Allow the feather to face towards the rear, while the other end runs up the rooster’s back and sticks out of the top. Press firmly so feather stays in place. Now attach Tail Feathers 2 in the same manner, pressing firmly. Be sure to keep the feathers fanned out and curved to resemble rooster feathers.

  6. Back: Shape another Wikki into a circle about the size of a dime. Allow about 1/2 inch to stick out. Fill in the circle by doing a simple zigzag, (see diagram). Attach the back shape to the back side of your rooster. The end sticking out should stick to the body and feathers. Press the entire back firmly in place, pinching the sides in tightly as well.

  7. Wings: Coil a sixth Wikki from both ends towards the center. Make them slightly oval and bendable in the center.

  8. Head: Coil another Wikki from both ends towards the center. Fold together as shown to make a ball shaped rooster head.

  9. Attach Wings & Head: Stick the wings onto rooster’s back with a wing on each side. Keep them low on the body, just above the feet. Next, attach the head just above the wings. The rooster’s beak and the Wikki that will become the comb and wattle, should be sandwiched in between the two coils of the head. Press the head tightly together, creating a tight ball. Allow the beak to peek out.

  10. Comb & Wattle: Fold and bend the Wikki sticking out the top, (as shown in the diagram), making a loop for the wattle that hangs down, and two very tight bends for the comb on top. Criss-cross the combs and press tightly together.

    You now have a rooster! And he doesn’t crow at the crack of dawn!
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