3-D Plane Instructions
  1. Body of Plane: Peel up two Wikki Stix without separating them. Fold both Wikkies near the center and attach about 3/4 inch from the end. (See diagram A). Then separate the two lose ends to form the tail of the plane by creating a triangle-looking shape that points upwards. Attach lose ends together securely as shown in diagram C.

  2. Airplane Wings: Use just one Wikki to make the wings. Simply bend and shape a Wikki to make a long oval and attach the ends together tightly.

  3. Airplane: Slide the oval shape (wings) through the center space of the body of the plane. Position wings near the center as shown and press firmly to the body. It may help to also press down on the top of the plane to help hold the wings in place. You’re ready for takeoff...have a good flight!
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