3-D Palm Tree Instructions
  1. Tree Trunk: Fold a Wikki Stix in half. Repeat with another Wikki of the same color. Then lay one on top of the other, offset slightly so there are four Wikkies showing at the end, pressed together as shown.

  2. Palm Leaves: Curve a third Wikki into a long oval. Press the ends together firmly. Repeat two more times with additional Wikkies so you have three ovals like shown.

  3. Attach Leaves to Trunk: Pinch one of the oval leaves in the center (keeping both ends rounded). Lift one end up and over to one side, creating a V-like shape. Attach to the rounded end of your tree trunk as shown in diagram A.

    Repeat this step with another oval, attaching it to the tree truck - facing the opposite direction as the first.

    Now pinch the center of the remaining palm leave and attach to the trunk, centered between the other two. (See diagram B). One end should point up while the other end is pointing down and to the left or right. You now have six palm leaves. Be sure to keep some space between each of the leaves. Press leaves tightly to the trunk to keep them in place.

  4. Stand Your Tree Up: With leaves pressed tightly to top of the tree trunck, face the palm tree towards you with top of trunk facing you, and palm leaves behind the trunk. Now bend the bottom of trunk just enough to allow it to stand. Your palm tree is now complete! Enjoy a little tropical paradise!
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