3-D Motorcycle Instructions
  1. Tires: Coil a Wikki into a circle leaving a small hole in the center. Repeat with another Wikki.

  2. Handlebars: Thread a Wikki through the center of the front tire. Keep both ends even and fold ends to make handles as shown. Press down firmly.  

  3. Bottom Frame: Thread a Wikki through the center of the back tire to make the bottom frame. Coil one end to make a small headlight.

  4. Top Frame: Bend another Wikki in half (leave an open loop). Attach to the back tire and bottom frame as shown.

  5. Exhaust Pipe: Fold another Wikki allowing the ends to be uneven. Then roll the folded end a few times tightly. Place the rounded end between the frames, and near the back tire. The exhaust pipes should stick out past the tire. Press it all together tightly

  6. Attach Frame to Handlebars: Carefully guide the handlebars through the loop of the top frame. Adjust the handles, front tire and headlight so they look just right. Then press all the parts together gently.

  7. Engine: Coil and roll a Wikki into a ball shape that is slightly oval. Attach in between the two frames near the front.

  8. Seat: Coil another Wikki into a long oval and fold one end over to form a bike seat as shown. Attach the seat just above the back tire.

  9. Gas Tank (optional): Roll a Wikki from both ends, meeting in the center as shown. Fold together and press in place on the top frame, just above the engine. (If you do not have 9 Wikkies you may skip this step).

    Vroom, vroom...you’re ready to hit the road! Ride safe!

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