Wikki Glasses
  1. Round Frames: Twist 2 Wikkies together and bend into a circle, pressing the ends together tightly.

    Repeat with 2 more Wikkies.

  2. Connect Frames: Fold another Wikki in half and loop between the circle frames to connect them. Press tightly to hold frames in place. This is the nose bridge. Keep the Wikki circles about an inch apart. (See Nose Bridge diagram).

  3. Wikkies Around Ears: To make the bows that go behind your ears, attach a Wikki to the outside left frame. Then attach another Wikki to the outside right frame. Secure tightly to the frames and curl each end downward so they’ll fit around your ears.

  4. Try Them On! Wikki glasses are fun to wear. See how you look in a mirror. Maybe you’d like to take a selfie!

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