3-D Flower in a Pot Instructions
  1. Flower Pot: Pick up a Wikki and create a circle about the size of a dime, building down so it is dimensional and not flat. It should look like a tiny bowl with an enclosed bottom.

  2. Place it on the tip of your finger and continue to wrap your coiled pot with another Wikki of the same color around your finger. Press and attach the end so it is well secured.

    Set your pot to the side for now and begin making your flower.

  3. Stem: Use two more Wikki Stix to make the stem by twisting the bottom third of the Wikkies together. Curve the end up a little. This will allow it to stick to the inside of your pot once the flower is complete.

  4. Leaves & Flower Center: Create two stem leaves like shown, leaving enough of one of the Wikkies for a tight spiral. To create the spiral, start at the top and roll tightly. This will be the center of your flower.

  5. Flower Petals: You will need two Wikkies of the same color to make your petals. Bend and fold one Wikki to make 3 loops like shown, leaving both ends free. Be sure to overlap the petals near the center so they stick together.

    Now use the other Wikki to make a second petal piece that has four loops. Make sure they touch each other near the center and stick to each other. Attach the two pieces together like shown. You now have a flower with seven petals.

  6. Attach the flower stem to the flower petals by carefully pushing the spiral through the middle of the petals. Press together tightly so the spiral and leaves stick to the backside of the petals. The stem should still have an open end of a Wikki that you can loop around and also stick to the petals to help everything stay together.

  7. Add to Pot: Just place your beautiful flower in the pot you made earlier. Press it in tightly. It’s done! Your flower will look gorgeous forever! No watering needed!
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