3-D Fish Instructions
  1. Body: Coil a Wikki into a circle leaving a small hole in the center. Repeat with another Wikki.

  2. Bottom Fin: Coil another Wikki leaving the end uncoiled. Loop the end to create a small fin. Attach tightly to the coil.

  3. Fin & Eye. Attach the fin to the inside of one of the body coils. Try to press the center of the fin piece into the center of the body coil. It will look like an eye from the outside!

  4. Fin & Lips. Use one Wikki to make the other fin and lips like shown. Make a top lip, bottom lip, and small fin. Press it all together in the middle.

  5. Back End: Coil a Wikki into a tight oval. Fold in half carefully...do not allow the oval to come apart.

    Attach the fin and lips piece, as well as the back end, between the two body coils, (as shown). Make sure the other eye looks good. Press pieces together gently. There is one more part to add before you press everything together tightly.

  6. Tail Fin: Fold one more Wikki into a tail fin with three tight loops. Attach in between the folded back end. Now press all the pieces together tightly. Give your fancy fish a name!
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