3-D Dragon Instructions
  1. Head & Tail: Coil half of a Wikki into an oval, allowing the rest to form the back and tail. Repeat and press the heads together to make two sides.

  2. Body & Arms: Use another Wikki to make a body with small arms. Keep some space between them and lift up the bottom like shown.

  3. Wings: With another Wikki, make a flat looking oval like shown. Make sure it can fold in the middle without coming apart. Now repeat so you have a second set of wings.

  4. Add the wings to the body. Attach one set just above the arms on the back and fold the wing back. The other set of wings can attach on the inside of the body under the arms. Press tightly and fold them back as well.

  5. Legs: Use another Wikki to make two coiled legs with long feet on the ends. Leave about 1/4 inch in the center like shown. Insert over the bottom fold of the body and press the body tightly to the center piece of the legs to hold them in place.

  6. Back Scales: Shape a Wikki as shown to make a spine with scales. Attach to your dragon’s back with the top fitting in between your dragon’s two head pieces to keep it secure. Press together tightly.

  7. Front Chest: Use another Wikki to make the chest by bending back and forth tightly like shown. Attach to your dragon’s front. Press everything together and stand your mighty 3-D dragon on the table!
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