3-D Car Instructions
  1. Use a Wikki to make a small rectangle. Overlap so it is not too large. Continue with another Wikki to create a second layer that ends by going across the middle of the car body.

  2. Coil up another Wikki for the seat, about 3 layers high and can fit inside the body.

  3. For the steering wheel, curl the end of a Wikki into a tiny circle. Put into place with the rest of the Wikki wrapping around the bottom, making a fourth layer underneath.

  4. Now you will need 4 Wikki Stix to make the wheels. Coil 3/4 of a Wikki leaving some for the axle. Pinch to the center of the wheel to create an axle.

  5. Coil another Wikki with an axle and attach both wheels by twisting the axles together. Repeat to make two more wheels with attached axles, (wider than your car body). Now set the body of your car onto the wheels and you’re ready to roll!
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