3-D Candle Instructions
  1. Candle Holder: Coil a Wikki to make a circle. Continue the coil by adding a second Wikki, wrapping around the outside, leaving enough uncoiled to become the handle, (see diagram).

    Fold the loose end to form a handle and attach securely to the center of the spiral. Press down tightly.

  2. Wick: Fold another Wikki in the center, leaving between 1/4 and 3/8 inches at the top for the wick. Twist the folded part by holding the Wikki at the top and bottom, twisting four or five times. Then fold the twisted section in half to complete the inside piece. The wick should poke out the top as shown.

  3. Flame: Bend an orange Wikki (or other brightly colored Wikki) in the center and attach the Wikki to the back side of the wick with the two ends side by side. The loop around the wick should resemble a flame on a lit candle.

    Since the ends are longer than the twisted piece, fold both ends up...on top of the twisted piece, pressing down tightly to keep it all together. (See diagram).

  4. Candle Body: Wrap three Wikkies around the twisted piece from top to bottom. Press tightly together as you wrap the first Wikki around the twisted piece, (starting just below the wick). Continue wrapping with the second Wikki. Then finish with the third Wikki to complete the candle body.

  5. Final Candle: Pinch the top of the flame with your fingers to create a point. Try not to pinch the entire flame, (just the tip).

    Stick the candle to the base and handle you created earlier. Press tightly together.

    Now place the candle on the table. People will admire your creation, which is sure to brighten up any room!
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